The vision of AS DALE LD. is to function as a long-term, trustworthy and dependable partner to our customers.

The mission of DALE is to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering high-quality injection moulding services, delivery accuracy and flexibility.

In carrying out our mission we rely on 36 years of injection moulding experience. Our strength lies in the professionalism and long-term working experience of our employees.

The production is based on our own as well as our clients’ injection moulding tools and we also offer support in ordering, renewing and repairing injection moulding tools.


AS DALE LD.  is a plastic extrusion and injection moulding enterprise of exclusively local capital, whose activities are informed by the expectations and needs of its customers.

We are constantly striving towards more environment-friendly production processes. To achieve that goal, we invest in sustainable production equipment, recycle as much of our production waste as possible, and handle chemicals and waste in an environmentally sound manner.

We continue to look for new ways of implementing an economical and sustainable management and environmental policy.