Aims and management plan

In order to develop the management system (including the seizure of control over important environmental aspects), the management shall determine the aims in the management plan, where the tasks are set according to determined aims, and all employees are working to fulfil these aims. In accordance with our principles of activity, aims and tasks, we have determined activities, which are related to the most important environmental aspects. In order to assure the performance of the activities related to the important environmental aspects in given circumstances, we have established special requirements on waste and chemical handling and boiler maintenance.


The fulfilment of tasks and activities indicated in the management plan is observed regularly through management quality meetings (“a management review” according to ISO). During management reviews, the completed tasks/activities shall be marked in the management plan with a reference to relevant proof. Changes or amendments may also be made to existing plans.


When setting the aims and reviewing them, the management takes into account its management principles, legal acts and other requirements, important environmental aspects, technological possibilities and financial, performance and business requirements as well as the positions of external interested parties.